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Newport Beach Property Management

Nestled against the stunning backdrop of the Pacific Ocean, Newport Beach is a quaint beachfront town that attracts visitors from far and wide. With a local population hovering around the 85,000 resident mark, this quintessential Southern California gem is a sunbather’s dream. Over 10 miles of pristine beaches make up the city’s western border.

While fun in the sun may be Newport Beach’s best known pastime, the community is also home to a number of cultural and commercial landmarks, each with its own rich history and charm. Furthermore, the streets in Newport Beach are dotted with quirky shopping destinations, acclaimed eateries, and popular entertainment venues, all of which further contribute to the undeniable appeal of this beautiful locale.

Investing in Newport Beach Rental Properties

Whether you already own a Newport Beach rental home or you’re thinking of purchasing a new investment property, it’s easy to understand why real estate buyers flock to this one-of-a-kind community. With its wide range of local attractions, charming neighborhoods, and plentiful public recreation spots, it comes as no surprise to learn that Newport Beach counts young professionals, families, and retirees among its diverse population.

Newport Beach has seen a 20% increase in population size in the new millennium, a trend which has contributed to increased property values and strong housing demand.

Partnering with a Newport Beach Property Manager

While the investment landscape looks favorable in Newport Beach, it’s important to recognize the numerous factors that play a role in long term profitability for local homeowners. Managing a Newport Beach rental property comes with lots of hard work, plain and simple.

From finding qualified tenants and creating a foolproof lease to addressing monthly accounting chores and keeping homes maintained, property owners have a lot on their plates. Overlooking a single one of these key priorities could have devastating consequences for an investor’s bottom line.

Working with a professional Newport Beach property manager is an easy alternative. With the right partner on your side, you can reap the benefits of investment property ownership without taking on all of the management needs solo.

Why Choose Coastal Cities Property Management?

At Coastal Cities Property Management, we have a proven track record of success working with beach front area rental properties. Our team understands the ups and downs of the local market, and we work tirelessly to keep our clients earning top dollar.

Whether you own one rental home or a large portfolio of units, our management packages are designed with your unique needs in mind. Learn more about our Newport Beach property management packages today or schedule a free consultation to get started.

There’s a huge cost to doing it yourself or hiring a rookie...

Your property in Newport Beach (& surrounding areas) deserves a management team of professional advisors.

14 out 15 evictions that occur are owner-managed rental properties.

We use our network of strategic partnerships, multiple rental websites,
& strict guidelines to quickly find high-quality, long-term tenants for your property.

Lower Vacancy Rates = More Cashflow

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Not only do we have a proven track record—but we’re easy to work with.


Fast & Effective Tenant Screening

Our proven screening process helps us identify red flags quickly. Avoid the headache and let us find the ideal renter. Never get stuck with a lackluster tenant again.

Multi-Site Property Marketing

Struggling to find the right tenant? We use cutting-edge marketing tools to connect with a wide local audience, and we syndicate listings across numerous classified sites.

Property Inspections

Never worry about the health of your home again. We perform professional inspections to ensure tenants adhere to the terms of their lease and to identify potential maintenance issues.

Financial Reporting

Let our team handle your accounting needs and experience the peace-of-mind property experts provide. We compile detailed reports and provide account portal access.

Get Your Money Every Month—FAST!

Stop following up with your tenants for rent payments each month. We'll automate your payments and disburse earnings quickly to protect your cash flow.

Proper Evictions

Struggling to handle a bad apple? We offer eviction protection, should something go wrong. We make sure you follow all California laws so you’re not at risk of a tenant squatting for months. We will resolve the situation and find a great new tenant to take occupancy.

Stellar Maintenance

Tired of spending nights and weekends responding to repair requests? We provide maintenance services, keeping your property healthy and tenants happy. Since we only hire the best and have a thorough screening process for our business partners—you get the best work, hassle-free.

Legal Guidance

Are you current on the nuances of California tenant-landlord law? It’s changing quickly and often and you could be at risk for violation. Let our team provide an expert's point-of-view, protecting you from potential legal nightmares and financial issues.

Why Choose Us?

You’ve got other options—but we’re pretty great. Here’s why:

Prompt Communicators

1. We're Prompt Communicators

When it comes to getting the job done, we don't delay. Got a question or need assistance? We're happy to help! Our team responds to phone calls and emails quickly, keeping both you and your tenants satisfied.

Tenant Law

2. Tenant Law is Our Speciality

Our team thoroughly understands the ordinances and regulations governing the tenant-landlord relationship. We'll keep you compliant and prevent legal headaches that could potentially prove financially devastating.

Modern Renters

3. We Understand the Needs of Modern Renters

Connecting with the right tenants is perhaps the single most important component of the property management equation. We understand what modern renters are looking for, and we'll highlight your property's strengths to win them over.

Latest Tech

4. Our Firm Uses the Latest Technology

We deploy sophisticated technological tools to streamline operations for your property. From accepting e-payments for monthly rent to keeping digital inspection notes, we use 21st-century resources to keep your home profitable.

Beachfront is Our Specialty

Your beachfront property has a whole different set of needs than something sitting further inland. We are hyper-aware of and have the teams in place to properly service beachfront properties and all of the unique conditions that go along with them. Don’t let someone learn about beachfront property with your home—hire a seasoned beachfront professional.

"Randy gets things done quickly and always has follow through. Appreciate his professionalism and great attitude... a plus, he is very friendly! I would highly recommend."


- Leigh Anne J., Tenant

"Coastal Cities Property Management has done a wonderful job helping me manage all my rental properties. Having a property management company that is friendly, diligent about filling vacancies quickly, and taking care of all the maintenance issues has been such a relief. I would highly recommend Coastal Cities Property Management to anyone looking for professional property management. Trust me... they will save you money in the long run."


- Tara Torres., Property Owner

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When it comes to choosing the right property manager in Newport Beach (& surrounding areas), you're not simply looking for the cheapest player. Instead, you're choosing a firm that will represent your best interests, protect your reputation, and most importantly, make you money. Don't be tempted by the first offer you hear—instead, choose a property manager who understands the challenges of the Newport Beach local market & its surrounding areas.

At Coastal Cities Property Management, we work diligently to provide the best property management in Newport Beach and the surrounding areas. We not only work in this area, but our staff calls it home, too. We carefully monitor industry trends and historic rental values, which allows us to expertly advise our clients. Whether you're concerned about boosting earnings, reducing turnover, or protecting the long term health of your portfolio, we're ready to help.


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