The Coastal Cities 8-Point Promise

Our promise to you is this:

If we don’t deliver on each aspect of our 8-Point Promise, let us know and we’ll give you a month of management for free to showcase how much we care.

We’ve set the bar high to better serve you. 

No questions asked, here’s our 8-Point Promise:

  1. Simple Fees - No surprises, no headaches. You always know exactly what you’re paying for without additional charges getting tacked on every month. Our transparent pricing model is designed to be clean and clear, so you can choose what makes the most sense for your property.
  2. Clear Communication - Our team will respond to phone calls and emails quickly, keeping both you and your tenants satisfied.
  3. Professional Inspection Reports - Never worry about the health of your home again. We perform professional inspections to ensure tenants adhere to the terms of their lease and to identify potential maintenance issues. You get your report right in your owner portal.
  4. Quality Maintenance - We will provide top-notch maintenance services, keeping your property healthy and your tenants happy. Since we only hire the best and have a thorough screening process for our business partners—you get the best work, hassle-free.
  5. Timely Rent Disbursements - We'll automate your payments and disburse earnings quickly to protect your cash flow.
  6. Clear Financial Reports - We will handle your accounting needs with precision and accuracy. We compile detailed reports and provide 24/7 owner portal access.
  7. Place a Qualified Tenant Fast - We will use cutting-edge marketing tools to connect with a wide local audience, and syndicate listings across numerous classified sites, so you find the right tenant quickly.
  8. Legal Guidance - California tenant-landlord law is changing quickly and often. Our team will provide guidance, protecting you from potential legal nightmares and financial issues.